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This entry was posted on 3/29/2007 7:06 AM and is filed under uncategorized.

My laptop died today.  It was deathly ill yesterday, but it just gave up the ghost today.  I feel as if there has been a death in the family.  Not an immediate relative but some distant very elderly relative that lived a good life, was kind to animals and small children, and was a great contributor to society. 

I spent hours and hours on chat with the Sony technicial "Kevin" last night, who refused to just give me the phone number to cash in on my extended warranty.  Not to be confused with when I was chatting with "Corey" about my laptop problems.  Does Sony think I'm an idiot?  OK, I am an idiot but how can Sony possibly know that?  My sister said that Sony must be picking names from a baby book for their international technicians.  No one could help me and Kevin even told me to open up the back of my laptop.  

This, when relayed to supervisors on the phone today, resulted in hyperventilation.

Tech. Supervisor:  YOU DID WHAT?
K:  I did exactly what (insert dramatic pause) KEVIN told me to do.
TS:  Um, you should never take your laptop apart.
K:  You think I don't know that?  I couldn't get the damn thing off and then I couldn't get it back on right.
TS:  You should never take your laptop apart. 
K:  Tell that to (insert dramatic pause) KEVIN. 
TS:  What kind of warranty do you have?
K:  I have the "I hate this damn laptop so I'm gonna throw it out the window and Sony will still fix it" warranty.
TS:  What's the serial number?

OK, people.  You are gonna love this one.  The serial number is only found on a sticker on the bottom of the laptop.  A sticker on the bottom of the laptop.  The sticker that came off around 15 months ago and I said to myself, "self, I can't imagine ever needing this again" and I threw it in the trash.  So Sony can sell me a ridiculously priced laptop direct but no one ever thinks to write down the serial number?  For what I paid for the damn thing, you'd think that serial number was engraved in a gold plate on the bottom of that thing. 

TS:  We can't process the claim if we don't have the serial number.

I could feeling Kristen, The Lawyer, rearing her ugly head.  TS could apparently see me coming to San Diego to beat on her ass so she was all, "I'm so sorry.  We'll fix it right away."

I'm a little sad to be separated from it for the next 7 to 10 business days and I'm really glad I backed up the 22 GB of pictures the night before.  I probably should have been responsible and, I don't know, BACKED UP MY WORK FOR MY JOB, but really, who has time for that anyway? 
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